Specifications - SR2

System: Single-shot rifle
System Material: Salt bath-nitrided quenched and tempered steel
Safety: Separate cocking lever, automatic drop safety, firing-pin safety
Total length: 70 cm (standard), 73 cm (Africa)
Barrel length: 66 cm (standard), 68 cm (Africa)
Muzzle diameter: 17 mm (standard), 20 mm (Africa)
Overall weight: ~ 3.3 kg
Trigger: Direct trigger with a pull of approx. 500 g.
Adjustable trigger with a pull of approx. 150 g optional
Stock: Nut-coloured stock made of stress-free laminated wood, Nutwood or black wood optional
Magazine: Two rounds, integrated in stock
Mounts: Pivot mount or Weaver mount

Other calibres and custom designs are available upon request.

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