Night vision scope

Our Pfeifer NSZ rifle scope incorporates an image intensifier of the latest generation which amplifies residual light by the factor of 35,000.

The device is basically similar to a standard rifle scope, and only civilian (non-military) parts are used.

It has a zoom range of 1.5 to 6, with the best resolution obtained at a magnification power of approx. 2 to 3. For larger zoom settings, the image becomes coarse. The effective front lens diameter is 56 mm.

An interchangeable eyepiece facilitating daytime use is available as an option.

Elevation and windage adjustment is as easy as with any other rifle scope. A rotary switch on the eyepiece is used to switch the image intensifier on and off.

Power is supplied by two type LR44 batteries or one type 1/3 N battery.

We recommend reticle no. 1 (2 horizontal, 1 vertical target pin), but any other standard reticle can be fitted.

The rifle scope can be attached using any mount fitting 30-mm center tube diameters.

Of course, the device comes with full warranty and any urgent repairs will be carried out from us.

Along with the device a technical data sheet specific to the intensifier tube is provided (including serial number).

Be sure to observe the laws and legal regulations concerning ownership and use of this rifle scope applicable in your country!

Price for rifle scope: Euro 7,299.--
Price for interchangeable eyepiece: Euro 490.--

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